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Video Poker

We Know Video Poker

Video Poker is a hugely popular casino game and no Las Vegas casino is complete without a suite of VideoPoker machines available.

Their skill based mechanic separates them from slot machines, and attracts a more dedicated player who is committed to getting as close to the maximum pay back returns as possible by learning each game’s hold strategy by heart. Being based on 5 Card-Draw Poker, it really takes even the casual poker player only a few hands to learn, but the depth of the strategy and the size of its big wins can keep players coming back, looking for that high paying four of a kind time and time again.

At Spark Gaming, we’ve worked on these games for over ten years, from recreating the casino floor games for web and mobile play, to prototyping new Video Poker games from the ground up. We understand the maths, from the array of pay tables to the impact of bonus round mechanics, and can create games with any required pay back percentage for any casino. We also have experience with creating whole new aesthetics for these games, breaking away from the classic into new grounds of visual and audio effects that really help the machines stand out in a crowded casino floor.

We bring Video Poker
to new audiences

Our objective is to bring Video Poker to a younger audience by incorporating slot game production into classic Video Poker mechanics. We want to offer players stunning visuals and effects which celebrate their wins and bring as much excitement to their bonus rounds as the best slot machines on the market. Our dream is to see machines like this on casino floors next to the classic Video Poker offering.

Other Games we Make

While our experience is largely in creating Video Poker games, we have worked on a wider variety of Casino Games in the past. We love bringing our enthusiasm for developing ground breaking casino games to players of every genre.