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Our Squad


Project Manager

Steve is the Team Manager at Spark Gaming, and the one who makes sure it all comes together nicely and on time. He's worked on Video Poker games for over ten years now, yet still loves to play them when on the Las Vegas casino floors.


Developer - C#

Jake loves Las Vegas, not just for its gambling, but also for its nightlife and the clubbing scene. He has worked on Video Poker games for 7 years now, and built countless games in Unity which support both web and mobile platforms.


Developer - C# & HTML 5

Rob has worked across multiple projects here at Spark Gaming, using his knowledge of both full stack javascript and C# to create casino games in many different codebases. When at the casino, he loves playing slot machines, from the classic one armed bandits to the newer machines on the floor.


Developer - C#

Chris is our in house Keno and slot machine specialist. He's worked on many titles at Spark Gaming, and is particularly adept at prototyping new ideas and turning them into playable demos.


Designer & Technical Artist

Andy is our artist, and carries our games form the design stage, through to fully animated prototypes working with the Unity engine to really bring the wow factor to our games. When in Vegas, you can find Andy at any number of slot machines, enjoying a cigar as he collects the jackpots.


Quality Assurer

Meg has worked with Spark Gaming for over 5 years now, working on our Quality Assurance processes to ensure that all of our games arrive bug free and ready for release. She loves classic casino games, from Black Jack to Roulette.


Developer - HTML 5

Joe is our HTML 5 and Javascript specialist, making casino games in that are playable on everyday web browsers to reach a huge audience on more traditional platforms. He also loves working through the mathematical challenges of casino games, and has created systems to calculate the exact return rate of our games to guarantee good returns for the casino.


Developer - C#

Leon is a newer member of the team bringing a masters in Game Design and Computer Science to help us create fantastic prototypes from a new angle. He turns around prototypes in incredible time, taking on ideas from the clients whilst using his initiative to build demo games in the Unity Engine.


Developer - C# & HTML 5

Mike has worked all projects at Spark gaming during his 3 years at the company, learning new languages and skills along the way. His background is in Quality Assurance so he finds any gremlins in the system and gets rid of them before products are released, ensuring that all our live games are bug free and run smoothly for all users.