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Our Mission

Why we do what we do

Creating Casino games is a passion for the whole team and knowing that we are bringing this experience to more people makes the job even more rewarding.

The gaming industry is a fast mover with millions upon millions playing games on the desktops, smartphones and tablets everyday all over the world. This makes the gaming industry an exciting space to work in as there is such a huge demand. We specialise is casino games as a they are a throw back to when the gaming industry wasn’t as huge or accessible but incredibly fun. Having experience this first hand and being involved in the Industry so we love that our job takes this traditional gaming and keeps it at the forefront of the current gaming industry.


At Spark Gaming, we’ve worked on casino style games for over ten years, from recreating the classics for our clients to creating new game ideas from scratch, working with our partners and introducing these to Vegas Casino floors. This was an ambition of ours for a long time, to have a game we designed be successful enough to make it to the Casino’s and we are proud to say ambition achieved.

Our next ambition is to change the Vegas offering. This means moving away from the classics which have become our bread and butter over the last 10 years and help create a whole new type of casino offering that will entice a a younger generation of casino gamers. This means moving away from the the successes of the past and really experimenting with new ways to bring casino games to life.


The audience we are targeting are used to the current generation of gaming and therefore have a higher expectancy for production values than traditional Video Poker machines offer. We want to deliver on that hope with our prototypes, and use AR to take Video Poker to the next generation of players.

The Future of the
Casino Gaming Industry

AR, and its cousin VR, is fun and cutting edge, so the gaming industry would seem to be a natural fit. PlayStation have certainly backed the technology, releasing their VR units in 2016 they made selling 745,000 in that year alone, and sales have continued to grow, hitting the 5 million mark in January 2020.


We believe to capture a younger audience who have matured with modern technology as a central part of their lives then the casino game industry will need to evolve. An obvious path is to follow some of the trends in other gaming Industries.


AR was predicted to take the gaming industry by storm several years ago but it has taken some time to find traction, mainly due to the cost of the technology and the difficulty of implemented well. With Apps such a PokemonGo being a huge success in recent years there is a growing demand and more and more games are being developed for AR as the headsets become more affordable.


This affordability for the technology would not be as much of a barrier in the casino with the money involved and with AR/VR experiences already becoming part of the Vegas experience it seems like a natural progression to us.


This is why at Spark Gaming we are developing AR apps and projects to skill up and give ourselves the skills to be able to develop what we believe will be the next generation of Casino games.