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Casino Games

We Love Casino Games

At Spark Gaming we want to bring the real Las Vegas experience to phones, tablets and computers across the world.

Slot machines are a core offering for all casinos, and they really lead the way in terms of creating gorgeous looking games with bonus rounds that really entice players with their effects and production value. Getting the visuals, sounds and bonus round logic to match up and compliment each other is vital to creating a popular Slot Game, and we love spending time to create games that look as good as the best that Las Vegas has to offer. Whatever the brand or theme, we can turn your idea into a fully playable Slot Game

Keno is a hugely popular game in Las Vegas with a core following of dedicated players. Whilst being simple in concept, Keno games come in a wide variety of classic casino genres, from Caveman to the ever popular Cleopatra range, each with various bonus round mechanics and payouts. Being entirely luck based, but giving people a choice to make when picking their spots on the game board, Keno lends itself to new players well. At Spark Gaming we believe that these games have huge potential for online casinos and that we can bring blend new bonus ideas with skill based concepts and cutting edge visuals to bring a whole new type of gaming to players.

We know how to
bring the wow
factor to casino games

Aside from these games, we have also turned our hand to more traditional casino games such as Black Jack and Roulette, as well as mini games. Popular table games are instantly recognisable and draw a crowd of people who want to play their favourite games form their local casino. We want to make these games as gorgeous and as fun as possible on the digital platforms that we create. Mini games can be used to build a meta-game, such as a daily wheel spin into you Casino app, and reward users with daily credits of XP. They’re a chance to offer a quick, fun break from the main game offering and would normally be limited to a set number of plays in a specific time frame.